Why Turkish meze is about to become your new favorite food

Why Turkish meze is about to become your new favorite food

Have you seen our latest café menu yet? Or better yet, dropped in to eat at the new Bazaar Project location on McFarlane Road? Call us biased, but one of our favorite options is the Turkish meze. Here are all the reasons we love it...

The story behind Turkish meze

People have been eating meze for hundreds of years. The word meze literally means "taste" or "snack" – just a small bite that tastes amazing.

Traditional Turkish meze usually includes an eggplant dish, a pepper dish, and cheese or hummus. The collection of small plates are great for eating a light meal, or having a snack while meeting with friends.

At the Bazaar Project, we wanted to offer food that tastes great and makes you feel great. So meze was an obvious choice – especially since our founder, Yeliz Titiz, has Turkish family connections. We set out to combine the best of Turkish cuisine with healthy nutrition.

Is Turkish meze healthy?

Meze is a small, light collection of different dishes. Those dishes are usually vegetarian or plant-based, so they’re light and full of healthy nutrients. At the Bazaar Project café, our meze selection includes plenty of legumes and nuts full of protein and healthy fats – as well as garlic which can boost your immune system.

Designed for friends

The greatest thing about meze is that it’s easy to share with friends, or nibble at while you’re busy shopping, chatting and catching up. That’s the best way to enjoy a meal, after all.