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Fiasconaro is one of the most well-known gourmet brands in Italy, and the company is famous for its high quality speciality spread as well as speciality cakes. The company has two major productions every year; one is for Christmas Panettone cakes and another is for Easter Colomba cakes.

Topped with icing and pistachio nuts, this very special and limited panettone is incredibly delicious. The cake comes with Fiasconaro's famous pistachio spread as well as Fiasconaro's signature spreader knife. Hand wrapped in a beautiful gift box, this panettone is an ideal gift for anyone! It is no wonder that Fiasonaro panettone is one of the most desired holiday essentials. 

  • Facts 35.27 oz. 1 kg. Product of Italy.
  • Ingredients Soft wheat flour, butter, sugar, fresh eggs, fresh egg yolk, natural yeast (contains wheat flour), Sicilian honey, inverted sugar, orange puree (ground orange peel, sugar, lemon juice concentrate) emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty aides, cocoa butter, powdered skimmed milk, salt, natural flavoring: vanilla berries. Covering white chocolate 9% (sugar, cocoa butter, while powdered milk, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract). Pistachio 3%. May contain traces of other nuts. Pistachio Cream: Sugar, pistachio 22%, vegetable oils and fats (sunflower oil, cocoa butter, safflower), powdered skimmed milk, whey powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural flavorings, coloring agent (cur cumin, chlorophyll crupic), salt. May contain traces of other nuts and lupin flour.