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elebrity Cocktails is the third in Brian Van Flandern’s series of award-winning books, this time focusing on cocktails of silver- screen legends past and present. In his previous Assouline titles, Vintage Cocktails (2010) and Craft Cocktails (2013), Van Flandern explored the renaissance of the cocktail and its reinvention as a culinary art form. In this new book, he shares cocktail recipes associated with great Hollywood stars, from Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor to Charlie Chaplin and Dean Martin. With easy- to-follow instructions, tricks of the trade, and gorgeous photography, this chic volume is a must-have for every sophisticated host and aspiring mixologist.

140 pages
70 illustrations
English language
Released in October 2014
W 9.56 x L 11.25 x D 0.98 in
spiral-bound hardcover
ISBN: 9781614282587
3.0 lb